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The Solar Eclipse is Coming!

I have seen an abundance of media concerning animals and the solar eclipse.  So the questions is, are you concerned for your farm animals?  Have you ever seen your cows, pigs, horses or chickens stare at the sun? I find this so funny! Animals do not stand around and stare up at the sun.  They are not homo sapiens! Yes, animals are intelligent but they do not think abstractly like humans do.  They have basic instincts which include eating, reproducing and avoiding predators.  Therefore, they are not going to be staring at the sun tomorrow thinking "Wow, that really hurts my eyes".  Animals lived on Earth long before humans and have seen many phenomenons that humans have not experienced.  Farm animals will survive the Solar Eclipse of 2017 and so will most humans. HA! You can see that Hazel the barn cat has been preparing for the Solar Eclipse. 

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