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A.I. School

My Dad has always treated me like I could do anything.  He has taught me everything I know about livestock and how to care for them.  My entire life, I have wanted to be like my Dad!  With that being said, I have watched my Dad artificially inseminate cows more times than I can count over my life span.  I have helped check heats and run cows in the chute but I have never been on the breeding end of things.  I decided that I needed to learn to A.I. cows so I could help my Dad.  This summer I attended A.I. school with ABS Global.  When I signed up for the class I thought I might be the only female that signed up. When I arrived to class I found out that I couldn't have been more wrong!  It was loaded with ladies of all ages.  It was awesome!  The class was three days long.  Half of the day was classroom work and the afternoon portion was hands-on A.I. practice and practice with frozen semen handling.  The first day was rough for me!  I wanted so badly to be good at this.  I have been around this all my life and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  The first day of hands on, I struggled with finding the cervix.  By the time day 1 was over, I was sweaty, covered in manure and frustrated.  I called my Dad for advice.  He told me I was trying too hard and overthinking it.  He gave me some pointers but I could tell by his voice he was still confident that I would get it.  Day two of A.I. school came around and I started to get it.  I took my Dad's pointers and found the cervix quicker and more efficiently.  When I left the barn on day 2, I called my Dad.  Of course, he coached me again and told me I would get it.  I could still tell in his voice that he believed in me.  He said "it takes practice".  By day 3, I was doing much better.  Although I was a little nervous about having to pass tests to get my A.I. certificate, I got it done.  My Dad was right all along.  Yes I was overthinking it and yes I was trying too hard.  I tend to do that, often.  I haven't framed my certificate from A.I. school yet but I plan on it.  Stay tuned to see the next chapter of this story, when I get ready to A.I. our cows.  The best thing is I will have my Dad there to coach me! 

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