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Sisters and Sweat

I have an incredible older sister!  We live about 2 hours apart and we get to see each other as much as we can.  I also should mention, she made me an Aunt 14 years ago and that was the greatest gift ever!  My sister is a super special person, ask anyone who knows her.  She is kind, giving and a hard worker.  When I told her I had plans to clean up a barn, she volunteered to come home for the weekend and help.  Let me add that it was summer in Texas.  I had planned to clean out the "breeding barn".  We called it that because my Dad used to do all his A.I. work out of this barn.  When I told my sister my plans, I warned her about the barn and how dirty it was. It has been several years since the barn had been used.  There were A.I. sleeves everywhere, fire ants and lots and lots of dirt!  Oh and the freezer portion of the refrigerator was frozen shut.  

After a quick run to the local Dollar Store, we got started.  It took us most of the day and a trip to the dump before we got the Breeding Barn back in working order.  I don't know if Dad will ever forgive us for hauling his broken desk away but it was standing on 3 legs.  We did find some fun things while we cleaned.  We found lots of handwritten breeding notes and records that Dad wrote.  My sister found one of her old ribbons from a steer show and her old radio.  Mostly, we spent the day together sweating and enjoying each others company.   I am so grateful to have my sister to help me.  I really do not know why she wanted to sweat with me while we cleaned and listened to 80's music but I am so glad she did!  The plan now is to use the barn to A.I. cows again.  Now it is clean and ready to go, thanks Sis! 

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