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What every Farmgirl needs

Every Farmgirl needs a loyal companion to keep them company! Luke the Aussie loves to ride the 4-wheeler or any mode of transportation that his Farmgirl is riding on or in. A farmdog provides companionship while doing chores, I'm never alone. In high grass he goes through first, carefully sniffing it out for anything that might be hiding. He barrels through the barn door first and chases off the varmints that might be looking for a handout. Although, he occasionally gets in trouble for chasing the barn cats.  He goes for swims in the water trough on hot days. He doesn't complain about the cold or the heat. He doesn't complain about the work.  Although he does attract the occasional protective momma cow.  He just matches me step for step, loyally. Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never owned a farmdog! 

Meet the Everyday Farmgirl
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