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My Happy Place

I know fellow farmgirls can relate to the barn being their "happy place". I love the peacefulness of the barn in the evening.  The sound of a barn fan blowing and the smell of pine shavings. When the calm sets in after everything is fed, I like to clean pig pens alone.  It takes the stress of the day away. I like to watch the piglets play in their new clean bedding and curiously eat at my shoelaces. As the burning sun starts to set, the animals settle in. The cows quietly swish their tails at flies as they graze before nightfall. Calves and cows find each other before choosing a place to bed down for the night. The barn cats clean their paws after their dinner of cat food. As I leave the barn for the night, I can see that my work is done. This is the perfect ending to my day.  

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