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Life Lessons from a Bottle Calf

Meet Simon Simmental 

Simon is a bottle calf.  Momma cow prolapsed during labor.  The prolapse was a bad one, so his Momma didn't make it.  Simon didn't get to nurse the cow so we fed him powdered colostrum.  He took the bottle without a problem and is doing great.  I got to thinking about Simon and his will to live and I came up with some life lessons we all could live by. 

Life Lessons from a Bottle Calf: 

1. Trust others, especially if they feed you. 

2. When someone opens the gate, run and buck! 

3. Be resilient. 

4. Be accepting of others, even if they are human. 

5. Lay in the sunshine, everyone needs some vitamin D. 

6. Greet everyone with eagerness.

7.  Be yourself, even if your friends don't like it when you lick them. 

8. Explore. Eat dirt, smell the grass and squeeze through the fence. 

9. Don't conform.  When someone tries to pen you in, it's okay to resist. 

10.  Love others, even if they aren't your Momma. 

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