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Valentine's Day is the day to show others you care.  Most people receive flowers, cards, chocolate and other things that symbolize the day of love.  Couples go on dates to dinner and enjoy each other's company as they celebrate their devotion to each other. 

Valentine's Day for Farmgirls might be a little but different than your average girl's Valentine's Day.  We know we probably aren't going to have time for a Valentine's dinner in town, chores have to be done.  Hay has to be put out and livestock have to be tended to before dark; so the famous day of love will be treated like every other day of the year for a Farmgirl.  

Valentine's gifts are different too.  Farmgirls get excited about the practical things that make chores easier.  This year my husband gifted me a feed truck for Valentine's Day! I was so excited! I did not look at the dents and dings on my new farm truck, I saw the sweet gesture as a way for me to do farm chores more conveniently.   

My favorite Valentine's Day gift from my husband has been my cold weather Muck Boots! My toes would get so cold doing chores in the cold weather but now they stay warm and toasty! 

Here's to the Farmgirls who appreciate loving gestures that make everyday farm life a little easier! Happy Valentine's Day! 

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