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Farm Favorite Friday

This week's #FarmFavoriteFriday product is the Hay Conserver made by GoBob Pipe and Steel.  Feeding hay is a major expense in a cattle operation and every bale counts!   GoBob has created a tuff made bale feeder that decreases hay waste and increases efficiency.  We have been using GoBob Hay Conservers for approximately 5 years and they are still holding strong.  A major problem we have had with previous bale feeders is that our cows would tear them up.  They would come unbolted and often the metal rim would break causing sharp edges and we would have to try welding them back together.  This is not efficient use of labor and lessened the production of the product.  With the GoBob Hay Conserver, we haven't had any broken pieces and we have spent zero labor repairing these hay feeders.  

Now less talk about feeding efficiency.  The GoBob Hay Conserver waste less hay which means more hay intake for your cattle.  This is the main goal of all cattle producers feeding hay.   In the photo above we had fed 10 bales of hay and not moved the hay feeder.  Look how much hay is on the ground, not much.  This is a good example of how well the GoBob Hay Conserver minimizes loss of profit from hay waste.  

Some other positive features of the GoBob Hay Conserver are  easy movement, low stress feeding design and weather durability.  When you need to move the hay feeder to a new feeding site, you can easily pick up the feeder with tractor hay spikes.  The feeder design is safe and comfortable for cows and calves.  The head stalls are wide and the pipe is rounded so that cattle feed with little stress which is important for hay intake therefore maximizing production.  The GoBob Hay Conserver stands up to various weather conditions.  After several years of exposure to weather the feeders have not rusted or broken down.  

We have been very pleased with the GoBob Hay Conserver bale feeders.  If you would like more information about these feeders, visit or visit their Facebook page GoBob Pipe and Steel. 

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