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This week's #FarmFavoriteFriday product is the women's Artic Muck Boot.  Being comfortable while doing farm chores is essential. A problem I often had during winter was cold feet.  My toes would hurt so bad doing chores in the cold that I was focused on my toes more than chores.  About 3 years ago, my husband bought me the Artic Muck Boots for Valentine's' Day.  These boots were a total game changer for me! I can work in the snow and ice and my feet do not get cold. They are easy to slip on and are extremely comfortable.  The only issue I had was that they do not have much traction on the bottom.  But since I have gotten my boots, the Muck Boot company has produced an Artic Boot that has traction on the bottom of the sole, problem solved.   

    In the three years I have had these boots they haven't ripped, sprung a leak or rubbed a single blister on my feet.  They are easily washed off with a water hose and dry quickly.  I have had a lot of pairs of mud boots and they were not warm or durable.  In conclusion, I love them! 

Visit to check out the Artic Muck Boots.  There are many different styles to choose from. 

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