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Clark Kent vs. Superman

Finding balance in our lives is a difficult task.  Many farm girls work a job in town as well as work on the farm.  So how do we juggle both and yet meet all our personal goals? 

For me, I am a ambitious person and being successful is at the top of my priority list.  I would guess that most farm girls are the same way when it comes to dream chasing.  We often live double lives while trying to conquer all we can conquer.  We could be compared to Clark Kent and Superman.  We work in town as Clark Kent wearing our work attire and pretending to be someone we only relate to at our day job.   Then after our town job we change clothes (literally) and become Superman.  This seems to be where we are most comfortable and passionate.  Working in the barn and with livestock is where we feel belonging.  We can get our hands dirty and build our legacy.  

I am going to be honest and say I often don't feel belonging in my town job.  I feel that I am good at what I do and I enjoy the people and especially the children I work with.  I feel that I make a difference and I meet my personal and professional goals.  But in my heart of hearts, I feel like I'm different from my coworkers.  When I leave my town job, I try to morph back into my real self.  The girl who grew up dreaming of raising show cattle and being a good steward of the land and livestock.  

I feel extremely grateful for my job in town.  It has taught me to grow and to allow me to be ambitious as a professional.  I get to see the smiling faces of hundreds of children each day and help them navigate their academic and social lives.  My profession as a school counselor  is both stressful and rewarding.  I put on my dress pants and become Clark Kent until it's time to become Superman. 

When I become Superman I feel like myself, spending time with the cattle and doing chores until daylight runs out.  Then the next morning, the cycle starts over again.  I think I have found balance the best I know how.  Will I ever feel belonging at my job in town? I will continue to try even though the farm girl in me feels a little uncomfortable in her "professional skin". 

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