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Everyday Farmgirl Candles

I tried my hand at making candles several years ago but lacked the time to commit to making many of them. During this time of home quarantine, I have found a love of making artisan candles since I have had more time at home. I hand pour 100% soy candles. The soy wax that I use is a Cargill product and is chemical free. I am learning to blend scents and use color dyes to add a little character to my candles. My first set of candles I made, I choose two scents that I felt represents the farm girl in all of us. Home.

I grew up and now live in North Texas so I found it fitting to name my first candle after my home. North Texas is known for cactus and a landscape of wide open spaces. So I created a candle with the scents of cactus flower and jade. The other candle I created was one I call Farmhouse. It is a blend of cinnamon, vanilla, sweet cream and clove. It reminds me of my parents' farmhouse and my husband and I's farmhouse. They are both cozy, warm and hospitable. A farmhouse should comfort you after farm chores but also be forgiving to dirty shoes and calf bottles around the sink.

The photo above is from a friend that purchased one of my first candles that I offered for sale in my egg stand on our farm. The photo is perfect! As you can tell, she has wonderful taste in home decor which complemented my candle. I am grateful that so many people in my community purchased my candles. I hope that they are a beautiful addition to their homes and businesses. I was surprised to sell out of my first batch of candles thanks to the support of my friends and community.

I am very excited to continue this fun journey of candle making. I will be offering new scent blends and candle colors. I have ventured into pouring candles into sentimental items as well as Mason jars. There is always more to come!

Meet the Everyday Farmgirl
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