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A Little Candle Shop

I started my little candle shop inside my home starting with one candle scent. I also started this journey during the beginning of COVID-19 quarantine. I was working my full time job from home, doing my best to support my students as their school counselor from a distance. I also continued to help my Dad with his cattle as well as taking care of our little farm with my husband. Why did I need another thing on my plate, like a candle shop? I crave anything that I can make by hand or ways to express my creativity. I also love a challenge of any kind! I guess you could say my happiness revolves around 3 things in my life; my family, animals and creating. I can say that I really found out what was important to me during this time. During uncertain times, I think we find out new things about ourselves. We develop a new skill, we love a little harder, we soak up the love others give us, we become aware of things we forgot about, we get outside more, we find a new purpose. I think every person can agree that they slowed down a little and tried to find joy in the simple things. Why didn't we do this all along?

The simple things are where it's at! Simplicity is where happiness lives.

Simple things like looking up at the stars while you feed the sheep, enjoying porch sitting with your husband, riding through the cows, taking the time to take photographs of the things others don't get to experience, watching the chickens chase grasshoppers, growing a pumpkin patch, creating candles, snuggling with your dogs and cat, my list could go on and on.

So obviously one thing I learned about myself is that creating candles that others enjoy, is so much fun! I love when my friends truly love a scent I created and it finds a place in their home. My candles are made by my hands from start to finish. I try to create scents for everyone. Everyday Farmgirl candles are made from 100% soy wax. Why 100% soy? Farmers, of course! Soy wax is a product that is harvested by soybean producers. Soy wax is natural and clean burning. Supporting the American farmer is dear to my heart since my family farms and ranches. Everyday Farmgirl products will always be made with 100% soy wax and will continue to support the American farmer and rancher.

My little candle shop has been a wonderful experience. My friends have supported me. My family has supported me. My husband, most of all has supported me. My husband is that guy who whole heartedly believes I can do anything I try hard to achieve. When I said I wanted to start an artisan candle shop from our house, he said "Go for it"!

My candle shop is still out of my home but I am quickly running out of space to create! Now I have a lot of scents to offer and I hope there is more to come! I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has purchased from my little candle shop. Believing in and supporting a small business supports someone's dream. Shop small and you get a handmade, homegrown product that is not mass produced in a factory. Check out local artisans, visit a farmer's market, support local famers and ranchers. Take the time to enjoy the simple things.

Meet the Everyday Farmgirl
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