My Story

Howdy, my name is Amber

I'm an Everyday Farmgirl!  I share the farm life with my wonderful husband and my family. Growing up,  I was raised on a farm in North Texas where we raised show cattle and farm wheat.  My husband and I now live on our own small farm, CA Lockhart Farm.  On our farm we have dorper sheep, chickens, cattle, dogs, and a one eyed cat named Noodle.   I am also an elementary school counselor by day.  I am a very proud graduate of Texas A&M University.  My family and I spend hours of manual labor living the "not always" so simple life but I wouldn't change it for the world.  I am a flea market junker, photographer, flower fanatic, animal lover and crafter.  I love Pinterest, Charolais cattle, rare chickens, my farm dogs, artistic photography, making candles, Dr. Pepper, Keystone Light and flea market style.  Thank you for following the adventures of an Everyday Farmgirl!