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Always a welcome sight!

I am an elementary school counselor and a farmgirl. We are getting ready to welcome back many smiling faces for our school for the new year which means; I am running around like a North Texas tornado! On top of work having me very busy, I have been taking care of four piglets that do not seem to be getting enough milk from the sow. My husband and I have been working on trying to get them to take milk replacer and it has been a slow process. Since I have been tied up with school and the pigs, I haven't gotten to see the cows much. Tonight was Meet the Teacher Night at my school. I loved seeing all of my students faces as they were excited for Meet the Creature.... oh sorry... Meet the Teacher. HA! It was a long day preparing for Meet the Teacher Night. After I got home and sat down on the couch to rest my extremely tired feet. I got a text from my Dad, "Miss Secret has a heifer". I was so excited! One of our purebred cows calved today! This was an awesome end to my wild and exhausting day!

Meet the Everyday Farmgirl
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